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  • Q1. What is Charminar UNNATi 2.0 Loyalty Program?

    Ans. Charminar UNNATi 2.0 Programme is a revamped version of Charminar UNNATi 1.0, a loyalty programme from the house of HIL. The new UNNATi 2.0 gives an opportunity to only a select few Stockists, DTs & BTST (Retailers of Stockists) dealing with the brand to earn points (enhanced rewards) on purchase of Charminar products. These points can be redeemed for exciting gift vouchers from the programme Redemptions Catalogue.

  • Q2. Who are referred to as programme members?

    Ans. Stockists, DTs and BTST – Retailers of Stockists who are selected and enrolled in Charminar UNNATi 2.0 are referred to as programme members.

  • Q3. How can a Stockist or DT or BTST - Retailer of a Stockist join this programme?

    Ans. Charminar team will enroll Stockists/DTs into the programme. Once enrolled, Stockists along with Charminar sales team, will refer the programme to BTST – Retailers under them. As enrolled members, Stockists/BTST will receive a welcome message via a mail and an SMS. Post this, they can embark on a journey of exciting rewards with HIL Charminar UNNATi 2.0.

    Qualifying criteria for joining Charminar UNNATi 2.0 programme for Inactive and new Stockists, DTs and BTST- Retailers of Stockists are:

    Stockist/DT: Once a Stockist clocks a cumulative volume of 36 MT in a quarter they get qualified to become a part of the base Tier of the programme.

    BTST - Retailer of Stockist: Once a Retailer clocks cumulative volume of 9 MT in a quarter they get qualified to become a part of the base tier of the programme.

    Inactive and New Stockists, DTs and BTST – Retailers of Stockists joining UNNATi 2.0 programme will not be eligible for Growth Points(as the Volume base for the Last Year is 0).

  • Q4. What happens when a Stockist/DT/Retailer becomes a programme member?

    Ans. On becoming a programme member, a Stockist/DT/Retailer receives a welcome call from UNNATi helpdesk, an SMS and an email with an App download link, membership ID and password. From then on, the member can start earning and redeeming points.

  • Q5. As a programme member (Retailer) will I get Bonus Enrolment Points?

    Ans. As a member (a Retailer), you will receive 100 Bonus Enrolment Points on enrolment and simultaneously a Stockist will earn 50 Bonus Points on self-enrolment and referring you.

  • Q6. How does a Retailer earn points?

    Ans. A Retailer earns points by lifting Charminar Sheets. A sale is registered with Charminar and points get credited to the Retailer’s account in the following month.

  • Q7. How does a Stockist earn points?

    Ans. A Stockist earns points for every meter sold to a registered Retailer and for every over-the-counter sale. Points get credited to a Stockist’s account in the following month.

  • Q8. Which SKUs under Charminar Roofing Sheets will make you eligible to earn rewards under Charminar UNNATi 2.0 Programme?

    Ans. The list of SKUs of Charminar Roofing Sheets that will make you eligible for earning rewards is given below:

    Product Name (in SAP) Sizes:

    • a. Charminar Newkor Sheet – All

    • b. Charminar Spl. Newkor Sheet – All

    • c. Charminar Production Newkor Sheet – All

    • d. Charminar Malabar AC Sheet – All
  • Q9. What is the validity of my UNNATi points?

    Ans. Reward points earned (with effect from 1st July 2021) by UNNATi 2.0 members will be valid for 24 months from the date of accrual month (FIFO). If not utilised by then, they will be considered null and void. Points migrated from UNNATi 1.0 will remain valid for redemption till 31st March 2022. If not utilised by then, the points will be considered null and void.

  • Q10. What is new about Charminar UNNATi 2.0?

    Ans. Charminar UNNATi 2.0 is the new avatar of Charminar UNNATi 1.0; the new program has added Tiers and offers its members exciting ways of earning more rewards, namely:

    • a. Tier Points

    • b. Growth Points

    • c. Tier Benefits

    • d. Tier Upgrade Benefits
  • Q11. How can a Channel Partner earn points upon lifting?

    Ans. Earning points is very easy in Charminar UNNATi 2.0! Points are credited to a Channel Partner’s account if and only if they achieve their target(s). Every time they lift Charminar Sheets they earn Tier Points based on the following lifting:


  • Q12. How can a Stockist/Retailer earn Growth Points on lifting?

    Ans. Growth Points are awarded to a Stockist/Retailer once they meet the growth criteria every quarter.

    EARNING CRITERIA FOR GROWTH POINTS: A member has to achieve a minimum growth of 5% over lifting/volume, corresponding to the previous year’s lifting in the same quarter.

    GROWTH POINTS: A member earns 1.5 times of Tier Points on incremental lifting/volume only.

  • Q13. What are the criteria for Tier Upgrade and Downgrade?

    Ans. Tier Upgrade will run every quarter based on a member’s performance in the previous quarter. Tier upgrade threshold for the upcoming quarter will be announced in the previous quarter. Tier Downgrade will run after 2 consecutive quarters based on a member’s performance in the previous 2 quarters.

  • Q14. . Can a Retailer buy Charminar products from any Stockist and earn Charminar UNNATi 2.0 rewards?

    Ans. Retailers are eligible for Charminar UNNATi rewards only if they make their purchases through Charminar UNNATi authorised Stockists. To learn about Charminar UNNATi authorised Stockists please contact our Charminar UNNATi help desk or Charminar Representative.

  • Q15. I (a program member) have recently bought Charminar products in certain quantities, but I have not yet received any reward points?

    Ans. If reward points are not yet credited, kindly contact Charminar UNNATi help desk or your nearest Field Sales Representative for more details.

  • Q16. How can I (a program member) redeem my points?

    Ans. Step #1: Login to your account in the App using member ID and password

    Step #2: Go to Redemptions tab

    Step #3: Select the denomination of the Amazon voucher you wish to redeem

    Step #4: Confirm the Email ID and place the order

  • Q17. Is there any minimum point criterion for Points Redemption?

    Ans. No, there is no minimum point criterion for redemption for members of Charminar UNNATi 2.0 Programme.

  • Q18. What to do if I find some discrepancy in the number of Points credited to my account?

    Ans. You can contact Charminar UNNATi help desk to get your issue resolved. Charminar team will do everything possible and credit the correct number of points to your account. You may be asked to furnish extra details for co-operation.

  • Q19. What if I (a program member) want to discontinue with the programme membership?

    Ans. You can inform Charminar Field Sales Officer who will initiate the process to disengage you from the programme. You will have to redeem all your points within the specified days of applying for such a request. Any points remaining in your account after your disengagement will be considered null and void.

    Customer Support: For any support, call Charminar UNNATi help desk at 92890 14444 or email us on

  • Q20. Where can I (a program member) check my transaction summary and Points balance?

    Ans. Charminar will send you an SMS with Reward points’ information on your mobile number each time a purchase is recorded. For this, kindly ensure the mobile number registered with us is correct and updated. You can alternatively contact Charminar UNNATi help desk (Monday – Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM) on Charminar UNNATi helpline number or login to your UNNATi App to check the statements.

  • Q21. Can I (a program member) adjust my outstanding balance against the available points or can I convert my Points into cash or rupees or gifts?

    Ans. You cannot convert your points into cash or rupees or any other gift item. However, with your points you can redeem e-Gift Vouchers from UNNATi 2.0 Redemptions Catalogue and order an exciting gift of your choice for yourself or your family.

  • Q22. How can I (a program member) update my contact number and email ID?

    Ans. To update your contact number or email ID please send a request through Charminar UNNATi help desk team and concerned FSO/Territory Manager/State Head from Charminar Sales Team.

    Customer Support: For any support call Charminar UNNATi help desk at 92890 14444 or email us on

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