Kindly review the following Terms and Conditions related to Charminar UNNATi Programme.


    • The Charminar UNNATi Programme is a Reward Programme operated by HIL exclusively for its selected Stockists and Retailers across India.

    • Charminar Stockists and Retailers are eligible to participate and earn points in the Programme.

    • Members will utilize their points to redeem gifts mentioned in the Programme Rewards Catalogue only.

    • Points will be awarded only for those sales that are approved by Charminar team.

    • Points will be credited to the Programme account of the member.

  • Rewards & Redemption

    • The rewards are various products mentioned in the Rewards Catalogue of the Charminar UNNATi Programme.

    • The rewards must be redeemed within the time frame mentioned as per the Programme guidelines.

    • The rewards can be redeemed by calling Charminar UNNATi Help Desk on 92890 14444 through www.charminarunnati.com Or by downloading UNNATi App.

    • HIL reserves the right to reject any claim if the claim does not meet the criteria as specified under the Programme guidelines.

    • Reward points cannot be transferred to another member nor can the points be exchanged for cash or any other item not mentioned in the Rewards Catalogue of the Programme.

    • Reward points left unused in a member's account at the cessation of the programme or on a member's withdrawal from the Programme will be considered forfeited.

    • The rewards will be provided by third-party suppliers. Any guarantee or quality issues with reward products must be taken up directly with that third party.

    • The allotment & redemption of reward points will be solely at the discretion of HIL.

    • Members claiming the rewards are personally responsible for any tax liability they may incur as a result of accepting a reward or rewards.

    • Members may be asked to furnish identity proof when claiming rewards. Failing to furnish identity proof will result in a reward not been given to the member.

  • Programme Guidelines

    • The Charminar UNNATi Programme is applicable only to Charminar Stockists and Retailers enrolled by HIL.

    • False claims or reports by the member may result in eviction of the concerned member from the Programme and all accumulated points will stand nullified.

    • Current programme is offered on Charminar roofing sheets. In future if anymore products are brought under the programme, the same will be intimated to you.

    • All eligible members of the Programme will be provided with a Membership ID. The member is solely responsible for keeping their respective Charminar UNNATi Account confidential. Any fraud resulting due to this confidentiality being compromised will be held against the member only.

    • Any claim which HIL is unable to verify will not be logged. HIL will then make a reasonable attempt to contact the member to resolve and verify the claim. Further to this, the claim may be disregarded by HIL at its sole discretion.

  • Program Brochure

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